Accent Wall Carpentry

Get inspired to add carpentry to your home in a unique way. Whether you are adding wood planks, a geometric wood wall, or even wood tiles, there’s just no better way to add dimension and texture to your home than a wood accent wall.

Wood Wall Tiles

Large wood tiles are a great way to give a bedroom or office an ultra modern renovation. This classy carpentry design choice evokes a sense of corporate command and offers a great backdrop for commercial settings and home offices alike. Looking to change it up? Try this design in a bathroom or add a three dimensional element to the alternatively flat tiles with a variation in stains for a texturally engaging accent wall.

Accent Wall Carpentry 1

Wood Slats

Accent Wall Carpentry 2

Slats are thin strips of wood that can be applied horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create your own custom design. With minimal supplies and a short wait period till project completion, you’ll have the perfect wood accent wall in no time. A slat wood wall is versatile as it looks beautiful when combined with earth tones or dark colors painted behind the wooden pattern. If you can’t purchase the planks one-size, it’s best to leave the service to an experienced carpentry contractor to avoid mistakes. 

Advanced Carpentry

An accent wall is all about adding textural charm. Requiring a lot more work than most DIYers bargain for, a trim patterned wall in different designs or a French-style wall moulding is a great option for a sleek, and unique accent wall that’s best done by experts. The rectangular board and batten design is classic and is perfect for any space that needs an extra oomph It’s clean and classic enough to fit into most decor styles. For a modern and unique look, opt for a unique geometric pattern accent wall using similar techniques. This type of accent wall is a great way to add visual interest while still keep the design simple and clean.

Shiplap And More

Shiplap is a type of wood paneling, composed of long strips of boards that are interlocked and fit together snugly. It’s easy to install and can add a rustic or beachy feel to any space. Shiplap is usually installed horizontally, giving you clean lines that run across a wall from left to right. However, designing a space with vertically installed shiplap visually stretches the room upwards giving the illusion that it’s taller. It’s a simple swap but it makes a major difference. 


Dependent on a sharp eye for straightness, shiplap is one of the easier wood accent wall options that doesn’t require master carpentry skills. Similarly, wood boards are a great way to create a coherent environment between your floors and a rustic, wooden accent wall that can be customized a variety of ways. 

However you choose to decorate with carpentry elements, Riley Painting & Wallpapering can help you refresh your walls. We offer painting, wallpaper installation and removal, epoxy services, and carpentry expertise comparable to no other. Call today and let us make your vision a reality!

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