Unique Spring Painting Projects

Your walls aren’t the only thing that can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Spring painting is perfect for all around your house — and in some surprising locations!


A small project that makes a big impact, painting your bookcases or even the inside of your built-ins is a great way to elevate your study or living room. A simple black background helps highlight your items from colorful books to statuettes and more. If you’re feeling bold, it’s also a great time to paint a mural in a Sistine Chapel aesthetic, with an inspired, continuous story told in each beautifully painted section!

Mantles and Fireplaces

This is an under-rated painting project. A great start to an accent wall in your home is to paint the mantle and fireplace in a way that fits your vision. Looking for a more modern, minimalist look that goes well with any color or material? Choose a sleek, black finish in low-shine or matte. Chances are no one will be running around your fireplace and a matte paint commitment won’t be at high risk of damage. Are you looking to keep your walls white and add in a wood plank accent wall? Choose a light stain and then make it pop with a brightly colored mantle.


Make your floors truly unique by painting your stairs instead of using traditional wood stains for hard flooring. Carpet is on its way out in interior design trends, which means you have a lot more freedom in designing your space. Turn plain white stairs into a centerpiece of your entryway with bold patterns like contrasting stripes, bright step colors, and more!


Whether it’s your bathroom or your kitchen, white and wood-tone cabinets are becoming tired. While timeless, homeowners are realizing there’s much more out there as far as colors and it’s time you allowed your home to be colorful! One of the most popular colors for kitchens and bathrooms alike is a deep, indigo blue. This color is ideal for two-tone cabinet systems or for an accent kitchen island, guaranteeing that your kitchen won’t feel too dark or overwhelmed by color while also adding something special.

A new coat of paint boosts the value of your home. Whether your indoor walls need painting, you’re interested in these accent projects, or your whole homes’ outdoor needs a fresh coat of paint — Riley Painting and Wallpaper can help you! 

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