Wallpaper Repair & Removal

Wallpaper Repair

Image Text: Removing wallpaper and its borders is a tedious process. There are several techniques for repair & removal, and if your walls were not properly sized and prepped before the wallpaper was installed, your difficulties could grow tenfold. Drywall damages easily and wallpaper is intended to last, meaning the removal won’t be easy or quick. The paper can tear, drywall may come loose, and even a rounded knife can leave gouges and marks. Any flue left over from the wallpaper will also make painting, repairing, or removing wallpaper difficult. Depending on the state of the walls after the wallpaper removal, you may also need to skim coat the walls before you can paint. Don’t be left guessing if your wallpaper project will end well. Hire wallpaper repair & removal experts for a guaranteed, clean finish to your project.

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